Speedway Detail Ultimate New Car Prep

The New Car Prep Service provides an all-in-one solution to improve and protect your new car. After fine machine polishing of the car’s paintwork, durable Ceramic Coatings by Opti-Coat will be applied to the various exterior and interior surfaces of your car. These ceramic and protective coatings are expertly applied and backed by both Speedway Detail and a manufacturer’s warranty.

The Speedway Detail New Car Prep Detail includes:

Hand Wash, clay bar treatment, and paint decontamination

Opti-Coat Ceramic Coatings

Opti-Coat Pro+:
Paint Coating

Opti-Glass Pro:
Glass Coating

Opti-Guard Leather Coating:
Leather Upholstery

Opti-Guard Fabric Protection:
Fabric Upholstery and Carpet

Single Stage Paint Correction

$2,000 Cars / $2,400 Trucks & SUVs

Additional services available, provided by experts in their field:

Paint Protection Film

I partner with one of the Mid-Atlantic area’s premier Paint Protection Film (PPF) installers to provide this service for my clients here at my shop. PPF is your paint’s best defense against rock chips.

Full Front End, Mirrors, and A-Pillars
$2000 (most cars)

Partial Front-End Impact Areas
$1000 (most cars)

Window Tint

Premium Ceramic Window Tint Services are available as well. Each car is quoted individually.