Optimum Ultra Clay Mitt


The Optimum Ultra Clay Mitt maintains a clean & smooth surface! An evolution of the clay bar!

You can wash, clay and wax in one step by washing with Optimum No Rinse then apply 1 spray of Optimum Car Wax per panel.

Prior to initial use rub Optimum Ultra Clay Mitt on glass using Optimum Car Wax as a lubricant.

Inspect the surface of Optimum Ultra Clay Mitt before and during use. To clean the clay surface, spray clay surface with Optimum Car Wax or Optimum Power Clean (diluted 10:1) and wipe gently with hand. After repeated use, or if too much contamination is present, discard and use a new Optimum Ultra Clay Mitt.



● Use before waxing, buffing and polishing
● Truly cleans and smooths the paint
● Increases depth, gloss and shine
● Helps waxes and sealants last longer


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