Exceptional service for discerning owners of fine automobiles and car enthusiasts.

Premium Services

Maintenance Detailing

Designed to maintain your car to a high standard and provide you with time-saving convenience

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Motorcycle Detailing

Keeping your motorcycle in showroom condition (or better) is part of the obsession

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Aircraft Detailing

Giving yourself wings means taking care of them in the best ways possible

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Additional Services

Ceramic Coatings

The most durable, and best-looking protection for every surface of your car

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Paintwork Correction

The process of removing imperfections from the vehicle’s painted surfaces

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Welcome to Speedway Detail

Based in Cornelius, NC, Speedway Detail provides impeccable care for your new or well-maintained automobile. Our premium detail services will refresh the interior and restore clarity, depth, and gloss to the paintwork. We also provide a variety of choices when it comes to protecting your car’s brilliant finish, including premium paint sealants, and Opti-Coat Pro ceramic clear coatings. We select only world-class products for the care of your vehicle.
​The cost of each service will vary based on numerous factors, as no two vehicles are exactly alike (including new vehicles). Whenever possible, prior to scheduling an appointment your vehicle will be visually evaluated and exact quotes will be delivered in-person.  Also, we’ll be happy to customize a service for your vehicle to suit your needs and/or budget.​